Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Love Ireland

  1. Volunteered at a race my friend was running and met the mayor of Dublin
    The mayor and my friend Domhall posing after their race

  2. Listened to a lot of amazing live bands at all the bars we went to. It is one of my favorite parts about Ireland-it's strong musical culture. I wish we had more live bands in the States / other parts of Europe. Pitbull shouldn't be allowed to play in California, Spain, or anywhere that there are living things with the ability to hear things. But seriously, Ireland is teeming with musical talent, it blows me away. Many groups I heard I really just wanted to download onto my ipod right then and there.

  3. Bought tacky green accessories and celebrated St. Patricks Day in Ireland
  4. Me and our Barcelona friend Loida (Domhall's apartment mate) getting ready to go all-out for our first true Irish Paddys Day
  5. Bar hopped in Temple Bar and local bars
    Temple Bar!
  6. Talked to a TON of locals, and on St. Patricks Day asked everyone I met if they were Irish and if so, kissed them on the cheek while saying "I must kiss you then because you're Irish!"
    Meet all the friends
  7. Went to the St. Patricks Day parade in the morning and actually was able to find a good viewing spot
    A small glimpse at the madness that was this parade
  8. Drank lots of Guiness and Irish Coffee
    I really want to start all my days with a cup of this stuff
  9. Spent the night of St. Patricks Day at an underground secret Irish society where all the members speak Gaelic and are concerned with preserving their Gaelic culture. Not sure how it can get even more Irish than that. This club house is even where the Irish Revolution was plotted in the early 1900s. What. At the Irish club, I even met a sweet girl named Dani who had spent a year living in Córdoba! Small world!
  10. Me with Dani (to my left) and other new friends
  11. Got down with a troupe of gay Brazilians  Never have two more beautiful words been put together to form Perfection. Gay + Brazilians = My Heaven
  12. Never have I had so much fun in my life
    Marry me?
  13. Had my life-long-desired rural Ireland experience on a day trip to Glendalough, which is absolutely breath-taking 
    Like I said, breath-taking
    Meet our new friend Justin who we adopted on our bus ride. We spent the entire day together!

     11. Went to the Guiness factory where I drank the greatest beer of my life. Once you Guiness you can never go back



Can't reiterate enough how many amazing friends I met every single night I was out. Irish people are my kind of people. I cannot help but feel that either I was Irish in my past life, or a part of me is made of the same stuff as them. But the entire time I was there I felt amongst kindred spirits. Ireland, I know in my heart that this is not the end for you and I.  I'll be back for you!

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