Friday, April 5, 2013

Irish Reunions

Finding a place to stay in Ireland was originally difficult. Which isn't a surprise, because of St. Patricks Day. Still, I could never have expected that reaching out to a former friend/coworker from 2 years ago who I only met once would lead to us staying at his apartment. And that is how I found housing on the most touristy holiday in the world in the central destination of this holiday all for free.

Let me explain.

Domhall was working at HSPH the same time as me during my first summer there. We met in the cafeteria and had one lunch and lovely conversation together. I still remember it very clearly. What makes him so memorable is that Domhall was, and still is, one of the nicest people I will ever met. He was telling me all about Ireland and how I would like it because of my extroverted personality. According to him, the Irish are the friendliest in the world. Two years later and I can vouch for it.

I sent Domhall a random facebook message a week before my flight asking if he wanted to meet up for coffee at the .01% chance that maybe he wouldn't think I was a weird psychopath stalker who he has no recollection of. He responded literally 5 minutes later offering a place to stay and his entire weekend itinerary of events and parties we could attend with him if we like.

The friendliest in the world, so they say!

Needless to say, staying with him was awesome. He lives with a girl from Barcelona named Loida who also took us around. We all became very fast friends. All of us had so much fun and Julie and I got a really great local taste of Dublin. The experience was much more homey this way also, with home cooked meals and some amazing local pubs that we never would have been able to discover ourselves.

On another note, it makes me happy to think that sometimes good byes aren't forever, and life can mysteriously reunite the most unexpected relations. Considering all the phenomenal people I have already met/miss in Europe, I will happily cling to this belief.

We are really cute when we eat (L:R Julie, Me and Loida)

Them Hahvahd connections 

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