Friday, April 5, 2013

Travel Updates! Finally!

Sorry, fans, for not writing in such a long time. I have been travelling all over the place these past two weeks, especially since we just had our Semana Santa, or Easter Week, or just spring break. I haven't had time to even process all my journeys, let alone write about them. Talk about a hard life (Iamkiddingpleasedon'tkillme). Still, Beyonce would never be caught neglecting her supporters in this way and thus, neither should I. Raise your hand if you missed my sense of humor the most.

Actually though, I did not completely forget about my travel blog. I already prepared a list of all the stories I want to document here, and will begin doing so in the order of my travels. Where I've been:

Ireland (St. Patricks Day weekend): Dublin
Morocco: Tangier, Rabat, Chefchaoeun, Asilah
Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Brugges

Honestly, all the travelling has been exhausting. Not that I am complaining. My Life Experiences count has exponentially increased and I can't even begin to tell you how many incredible memories I've made. (Actually, I have to begin telling you. Because that's the whole point of this blog. Way to go, Jennifer). The main down-side is that if you add all the hours I've spent in subways/buses/airplanes/airports/stations it would probably amount to re-watching all of the Lord of the Rings movies 6 times consecutively. Approximately.

An unexpected take away I got from all this though, is a newfound appreciation for my youth. Because without it there is no way that I could have pulled off some of the crazy antics that I have pulled. Check this out:

  • Catch a flight out to Ireland at 7 am (this is another story in itself...) on Saturday morning, 3/16
  • Arrive back in Cordoba on Wednesday, 8:00 am. Go to class at 9:30 am
  • Thursday night, hang out with Will and view some Semana Santa processions until 3 am.
  • Leave for Morocco that Friday morning, 3/22 at 5:30 am

5:30 AM.

  • Come back to Cordoba by 10 pm on the 25th.
  • Flew out to Belgium the next day.
  • Spent next 4 days exploring Brussels/Brugges/Antwerp. 
  • Come back to Cordoba on Sunday, 3/31, by 6 pm.
  • Resume classes next day. 

Kids, don't try this at home unless you are either >30 years old, or especially energetic and youthful, or maybe on crack. Which for the record, I don't do.

Hands down though, everything was well worth it.

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