Friday, March 8, 2013

When in Córdoba...Snails

Caracoles, or snails,  are a specialty unique to Córdoba. They are a seasonal snack that just started showing up in stands a week or so ago. I've never liked bugs or crawly things, but all my life what I've detested the most are snails. Blech. Snails are just so slimy and disgusting.

Then today, I ate one. And another one. And then another.

They didn't taste too bad, in fact they kind of reminded me of similar chinese dishes. It's just how they looked that are hard to get past. You can see their teeny little antenna things and everything. But if you just ignore how they look and poke them with your tooth pick, they are quite alright. Afterwards, we were also instructed by the vendors to drink all the juice too. I don't see myself ever having caracoles again. Once was enough, just for the experience.

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