Monday, March 4, 2013

That Time I Went to a Reggae Concert

Travels have the potential for a lot of firsts. Portugal brought me my first ever reggae concert, and it was awesome.

Julie and I will remisce years (or weeks) ((or days)) later, and say

Remember that time our host in Portugal invited us to his reggae concert where he and his friend were opening for the band and even though they were playing really early when the venue wasn't full we still danced like fools and moved around the entire room, swaying to the beat and spinning like in a trance, and we weren't squished or covered in sweat, and it was lovely and liberating and enchanting and mesmerizing, and then we got to see the main band sing and play instruments live? 
That was pretty cool.

Our friends!
The headlining band

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  1. :D i likeeeeed so much to see the #number 1 fans in the front of us all time giving support in all musics dacing without stoping, i only can say thanks so muchhh my friend for that night you and Julie make that day become unique i will never forget i'm sure next year with we play again in that stage i'm gonna remind everything like yesterday. Peace and Love for you from Reggae Boost Sound System :D