Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phrases in Portugese

Portugese is adorably similar and at the same time not so similar to Spanish. Here are some of the phrases I learned while spending the 4 day weekend there:

Vamos = Vamoosh ( my favorite! )
Bonita = Bonitish! 
Buenos dia = Bon dia
Bueno tarde = Bon tarde
Bueno noche = Bon noche
Gracias = Obligado 
Amigos = Amigish

Travelling has allowed me to start collecting handfuls of phrases from all sorts of languages. I'm sad I didn't write them down earlier, because already I've forgotten what I learned in Turkish/Greek. At least Italian was easy. I didn't expect Italian to actually sound like something out of a Chef Boyarde commercial. Which isn't offensive because literally, if you jokingly say things like "mmmmMMMMmm pastArIAaA!!" or "pIzZarIA!" people will actually think you're talking to them. Guess how I know this.

Maybe I will go back and relearn those old phrases and record them on my blog. I mean, every collection needs some sort of shelf.  Or in the case of my primary childhood collection (Beanie Babies ftw!!!), a nice giant cardboard..box? 

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