Friday, February 8, 2013

Blisters, Best Friends and Things

Haaaayyyyyy, sexay laaadayyy
Mmmm, check out all that yummy goodness. You might be wondering what the point of this post is, but no, it isn't something really disgusting or fetish-ey, I swear. And what does this have to do with my best friend David? Because he is gross? Small and red? Painful and annoying? Moist all the time? Why don't I just pull an Annoying Teacher moment and respond with All Of The Above. 

Jokes! I should try being nicer because this is supposed to be a special birthday post! 

David Lin is the best best friend anyone can ask for (but no one else can have him. ESPECIALLY not youknowwho. This kid is allll mine, suckahs!). And the reason why my most recent bloody addition to my body reminds me of him, is because David is also my go-to-doctor (If you are reading this, UCSF, this guy is like, the next Greys Anatomy, but smarter and way sexier than Sandra Oh. No offense). David never lets me get away with just letting my scabs fester and sore like the 5-year-old-me wants to do. He holds my hand (lets me practically BREAK his hand), applies that god-forsaken-painful-as-bloody-mary-giving-birth alcohol swab, gives me a new band aid, and makes sure I don't get my sore infected. He is seriously just the bees-knees.

Well, this new blister came from my stupid new flats that I tried to break in. (Fck you, flats). And of course I recently ran out of bandaids and haven't been doing anything to actually take care of this blister. If David were here, then the blister probably would have healed by now. But today, I finally got down to business and bought myself alcohol swabs and new bandaids. I'm a Big Kid now! (PS DAVID after you read this, can you email me the name of that cream stuff you always use on my injuries after you use the alcohol swab? And possibly how to say it in spanish? THANK YOUUUU <3 )

Before I stray too far...the point is, I really miss my best friend. Not just because I have a really painful wound on my foot, either. I miss him when I see a beautiful person in the park. Or on the street. Or pretty much anywhere because, lets be real, this is Spain. I miss him when I see something that annoys me. Or when I am eating. When I am craving indian food. When I'm tired. Basically, all the time. This kid is literally the 2nd half of me. 

And I wanted to make this specific point on my blog, because I don't want my blog to just be flowers and rainbows like a My Little Pony episode (DESPITE the name of my blog...oops). Studying abroad is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life, but that doesn't mean it's always easy. This past week, I started to get a little homesick. Except for me, homesick namely ties itself to people more than locations. My friends...and I just want people who are reading this, as well as myself, to know that it is okay to have these feelings. To not have every second of every minute of your travelling experience feel like you're taking shots of Felix Felicis (if you don't get that reference, get out. My blog has a special anti-spell for your kind. Oh and Alvin, *cyber-high-five* because I know you of all people appreciate this the most). It's okay to sometimes just feel ridiculously tired. After-all, we may want to, but we don't actually have golden livers of immortal oxes like we think we do. Unfortunately. So if you stay in one night, you aren't completely wasting your experience abroad. You can still be having a good time over-all. Everything is balance. After-all, there is a huge difference between taking a vacation abroad, and living abroad. 

Oh yeah remember that time you were a muddafuqqin PRINCE?! 
So, David, back to you (sorry I always make everything about me because I am a self-centered bitch! #sorryimnotsorrywhuttttt). Happy birthday. I wish I could celebrate with you or at least eat a disgusting amount of junk food with you. I don't think it is possible to internationally ship ice cream though...but I am sure your day will be fantastic, because you are so fantastic. I don't need to list all the reasons why I actually couldn't live life without you. Because if I did that then there would be a long line of other bitches wanting to get at you while I am gone and you know I just cannot have that. Recall the self-centered bitch thing? 

(Oh, but what the heck. Maybe I'll show you off just a teeny. Just to make them other chics jealous. Haaaaa!)

Thanks for being you. Thanks for all the memories. Thanks for all the tear inducing laughs. Thanks for hearing me cry. Thanks for crying with me. Thanks for blessing me with a friendship without fear.  Aside from family, there isn't anyone else I trust more to stay in my life, regardless of what happens in the future. That's something not many people can say they have, and to think I've had you since we were six. Thanks for accepting me. Thanks for listening to ALL my things. Thanks for those old days when we talked on the phone for hours. Thanks for still being my friend even though I was really rude and gave you back your zebra stuffed animal that one time (I hope you still have it...).  Thanks for still being my friend after that other rude time where we flushed your poem in the toilet. Thanks for being my horcrux. Thanks for cooking for me. And being good at it too. Thanks for teaching me how best to shop at 99 ranch market. Thanks for letting me borrow your pajamas. More importantly, thanks for being the same size as me, you stupid skinnyass 6pack bitchhoe! I hate you! Thanks for being muy guapo so I can tout you around like a super handsome best friend chihuahua that makes other girls jealous. Thanks for sitting next to me on our future oneway flight to Hell. Thanks for all the things in-between that only you and I understand. To the moon and back, you are my best best friend. 

Happy birthday <3

Since I started this post with something so ugly, I figured I should end it with something the opposite. As in, DAYUM lookit those FINEEEEEE specimens. No one is as attractive as us because we are the MOST attractive. Like, aaaaactually though...<3


  1. I am so happy that you two found each other, still with each other, and will be next to each other on the one way flight to PARADISE in the far far future! My best wishes to you both! Happy Birthday David!

  2. We're not getting married, ma.

    Haha, I am totally just kidding.