Friday, February 15, 2013

Love From Abroad

Happy Valentines Day from España! Here, it is called dia de enmorado (day of love) or simply, dia de saint valentino, after the actual saint. I don't think the holiday is as commercialized, which is refreshing.

So last year, I spent Valentines day in the library studying with my friends.

Passing love notes in the library like a Taylor Swift song but better

This year I got to spend it with my travel group eating delicious cheap food in Spain, followed by a night of wine and clubbing.
Very delicious and authentic dinner at Sociedades de Platos with the group

Very typical wine of Córdoba
Club Gongora with Melanie, me and Virginia
On both days, I have felt equally loved.

Happy Valentines Day! May your life be filled with l o v e from family, friends, life and most importantly, yourself. I think this year, my Valentine is my Life. I just love it so, so much right now. 

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