Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scenes de Córdoba (pt 2)

Woke up late after staying out until 4 am (doing España right!). Met up with mi chica Yalda and spent some time walking around the city, soaking up the sun. We ended up wandering to the center plaza and witnessing a very interesting spectacle. We followed the small crowd and saw that there was some sort of improv performance going on. Todo no entendemos. But it was amusing to watch, and I think I was called out as a volunteer. I think. All I know for certain is that someone handed me a green balloon.

I am so confused
 Later, as we delved into the more residential areas, I saw another small crowd outside a store. It turned out to be a grand opening for a small vintage, "segundo mano" store. Outside was a table full of delicious, home made foods, as well as beers and fantas. Everyone was chatting outside with their beers while snacking. The store owner greeted us very openly. She is so friendly and we all talked together and tried to practice our spanish. She insisted we try all the snacks on the table and offered us beers as well. The entire experience, intermingling with the locals, was absolutely lovely. These are the experiences that feel the most authentic. I will be sure to seek them out whenever I can!

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