Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scenes de Córdoba (pt 1)

One of the many orange trees that are all around Cordoba. This picture has absolutely nothing to do with my post, I just really like this picture.
You're sitting in the living room that serves as the center of the apartment and all family activity. It is later into the night, so it is quieter than usual. One of your sisters is out at the bars. Your younger nieto is probably sleeping or watching television elsewhere, and your older brother is with his wife at his own house. It's only you, your madre, the older nieto Juan, and his mother. The lights are off, except for a small lamp in the corner, creating the same soft glow a fireplace would. You snuggle your feet under the table, absorbing the radiating warmth coming from the heater underneath you. The table cloth is thick and enormous, serving both as a decorative piece and a makeshift blanket. The edges of the table cloth are long enough for you to pull it closer to you, covering almost half of your body. This is the epitome of comfort. On the table in front of you is your spanish homework and your laptop. While you are conjugating verbs, everyone else in the room is glued to the television screen. You hear the sounds of gunshots and people speaking in Spanish. It's the show "24," and your family is obsessed with it. You think it is one of the cutest things you've ever known. From the exterior, this scene is monotonous. But only from within can you feel the exuding warmth beyond just the heater. It is a moment so pleasant and peaceful, you wish you could capture all the feelings and place them in a frame.  There's the popular saying that you should "stop and smell the roses." If that saying were translated into moments it would be one like this.  You're happy; you're so incredibly content and in disbelief at everything in your life at this moment. The sweet, sweet smell is especially overpowering when taken in during times like this. That's what make them so worth it. You realize to yourself, indeed, what a life. 

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  1. What a great post!!! I felt like I was there!!! <3