Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friendship on Crack pt 1

Sooo, the term "friendship on crack" comes from the fact that in a span of less than one week, me and Julie now know every single thing about each other and have the joint obnoxiousness of two middle aged sorority sisters. Plans to try out for the amazing race are already being made. We're like that movie Julie and Julia, but we're Julie and Jennifer and never cook, only eat.Here are some excerpts from Friendship On Crack. I say excerpts because there are already too many moments so horrifyingly embarrassing that it will never ever leave the vault of Jennifer and Julie to see the light of day (Julie, you know what I'm talking about. But it's okay! It's a joke? We're just kidding? Ha ha ha??)
1. Granny Witch Julie

"Teeeeell meeeee aaaa stoooorryyyy"

2. Julie has big feet

...self explanatory

3. Funny Greek waiters on the street


4. Hashtags

#whatstopdowegetoffat? #jenniferquestions #questions #ineedanumbrella #umbrellas #rain #water #cold #weather #coldweather #hashtag #eggs

5. Missing Toilets

One time Julie was being super white again and she thought that the toilet was missing in the bathroom. Actually it was just one of those squat toilets like the ones that used to be all over Asia. Oh Julie... #julieiswhite

6. MIW

Again, kind of self explanitory? Basically, we just got to roll with the punches and Make. It. Work.

7. Jennifer and Julie

Fair Warning: when we return to school, we will be two half robots short circuiting at a constant basis not being able to process reality because we aren't together. We will sound like broken records and no one will be able to stand us and our new snooty European superiority complex. But it will be okay because we will keep short circuiting until we find each other on campus. This makes absolutely no sense but Jennifer and Julie realize this and suggest that you just try to make it work.

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