Saturday, January 26, 2013

Macaroon Crawl

Being a foody is one of my top priorities in life. So it comes as no surprise that the single most important thing I wanted to do in Paris is eat macaroons. Macaroons on macaroons on macaroons.
Despite being a pricey venture, I have no regrets. Here are the results of my mini-macaroon crawl:

Stop 1: Random Cafe With Name I Forgot
Flavors: Chocolate Passionfruit, Strawberry, Coffee
Over-all: 4th place 

Stop 2: Pierre-Hermes
Flavors: Mandarine Orange-Olive Oil, Rose, Creme Bulle (BEST)
Over-all: 1st place!!!!


Stop 3: Ladauree 
Flavors: Raspberry, Green Apple (2nd best), Chocolate
Over-all: 3rd place

Stop 4: Christophe-Roussel
Flavors: Pistachio Cherry, Lavender Apricot, Banana Chocolate
Over-all: 2nd place 

As of now, macaroons are definitely my favorite dessert of all time. Too bad I got so spoiled with it in Paris. None of the macaroons I tasted were bad, but Pierre-Hermes is definitely the best over-all quality. Ladauree is famous in name, but the macaroons weren't as good as I expected them to be. Their other pastries are more impressive, in my opinion. The rose-raspberry tart that Julie got was soooo gooood. Still, I definitely had to try it while I was here, just so I could say that I tried Ladauree. Now I know though that next time all my macaroons will come from Pierre-Hermes. 

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