Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Futbol Game

(Left to right) Yalda, Joe, Jake and Will helping us claim seats for the game. We arrived an hour early and it was starting to crowd already

TAPAS. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Buy one drink, get one free tapa. Best. Business Model. Ever. ME ENCANTA. 

Me con mis chicas Markisha and Yalda.

Joe being forced to take yet another picture of the chicas: (Left to Right) Markisha, Ela, Yalda, Me, Lyna, Ashley and Melanie. Una grupa muy bonita, si? <3
You can't say you have ever watched a sports game, until you've watched futbol in Spain.

Back home, I've always loved watching sports with my dad or with my friends. My favorite thing to watch is a tie between Olympic swimming and the NBA finals season. It's always fun because you pick a team that you want to root for, and then you cheer them on like your life depends on them winning (which it does). Honestly, I don't follow sports religiously because school gets in the way. So during finals time I tend to just pick from the teams who are in who I like most, and cheer for them from there.

As a sports watcher (and perhaps, as a person in general...), I don't know what word describes me better than psychopath. If you observed me watching a sports game, I absolutely guarantee you will notice the following:

-Intense Arm Flailing
-Nonstop Flow Of Cursing
-Possible Water Bottle Throwing
-The Sound A Mother Bear Makes When She Loses Her Child

But see, here? I am one of the guys. I am considered NORMAL. While we were watching the game, everyone sounds like a mother bear who just lost her child. It is a magical experience to watch futbol with the spaniards. You have fans, and then you have Spanish fans. There is a collective spirit that is so tangible, its electrifying and contagious. You can feel it in the bar like its a different type of air that everyone is breathing in. Passion isn't even enough to describe how these people feel about futbol. Perhaps my spanish teacher said it best, it's a religion here. A religion that lets you scream and shout and drink beers nonstop. Sign me up for conversion por favor!!

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