Friday, January 25, 2013

Assumptions about Europe

...that aren't true.

1. Raging

The first thing you think of when you hear "Europe" is RAGE. Finally in the land of No Legal Drinking Age, what better way to celebrate than to drink your brains out. Only now, out in the open?
Well, turns out sight-seeing, getting lost, wandering through streets, eating out all the's actually really exhausting. Especially when you consider that the time it takes to get from A to B takes us 4x longer than it is supposed to. After spending about 10-12 hours straight just exploring the city, Julie and I have no energy left by the time we come back to the apartment/hostel. Usually we spend our nights relaxing and hanging out with each other. Maybe this means we aren't "doing Europe right." But I think we are. I prioritize seeing famous sites, exploring unfamiliar towns, marveling at scenery and meeting new friends to be much more important than buying an over-priced drink.

2. Hostels

Paris is our first hostel experience. And lucky for us, it is nothing like the horror-grotesque-murder chamber we expected it to be! (Thanks a lot, Western media). It's cheap, clean, and comfortable. The only thing is, I thought that because it is full of young travelers like Julie and me, that it would be a great place to meet new friends. Kind of like a co-ed fraternity where we would all click instantly and swap stories about our different home countries and then maybe hold hands and frolic together. I don't know. But it isn't really like that. For the most part, everyone came to the hostel with their own travel companions and stick with their own groups. A part of me kind of thinks that inside, a lot of people have the same thoughts as me and do want to make friends with others, but we're all just too shy to make the first move. Personally, I think the Europeans are just too cool for me. I've already embarrassed myself too many times trying to make friends with people who A) Don't speak english or B) Are just pretending not to hear me or speak english so that they can make me shut up and leave them alone. Who knows. At least I have Julie who is pretty much obligated to be my friend. ( <3 HI JULIE)

3.  Parisans Are All Rude

Parisans aren't all rude. Julie and I have met a number of very friendly people who have patiently taken time out of their work to help us with directions. Even with their minimal English speaking skills.

4. Couchsurfing Is Creepy And You Will Be Murdered

I never thought this was true, but I know Julie was a little shifty at first about us using Couchsurf for Istanbul and Athens. Now I know that she 100% agrees with me when I say that Couchsurf is the best way to travel. Honestly, you will meet the most wonderful people and be able to visit new places in a much more intimate and meaningful way. Highly recommended!

5. You Can't Be Vegetarian in Europe

Clearly, if you've seen my pictures, I am the opposite of starving. I was surprised to find that "vegetarian" translates the same way for many different countries, just with slightly different accents. It also helps that macaroons aren't made with meat. Right now, I could live life off macaroons alone...

6. Everywhere Will Have Wifi

We are in developed countries, but that doesn't mean they will give you wifi. Thank god my cousin suggested that I print out all my important documents / travel plans just in case. Talk about First World Problems?

7. In Rome My Life Would Become The Lizze McGuire Movie

This did not happen. A beautiful Italian boy did not ride up on his vespa and whisk me away. Still had a phenomenal time regardless though.

8. All European Men Are Beautiful

Psych. They really are.

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