Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sistine Chapel

Photography is forbidden, so excuse this low-quality-sneaky-pic that I took while the guards weren't looking

No words can aptly describe how magnificent the Sistine is.

The chapel is completely covered in artwork. Except the art is actually comprised of separate pieces that cover every inch of wall space. Everything is so rich with detail and movement that each piece is more like a separate story; the details of the story unravel with every minute you spend staring at the piece. And that's the beauty of it for me, what distinguishes the Sistine Chapel as one of the Greats. Not many art pieces can embody so much depth and content behind the strokes, the raw bodies and the complete embellishment of detail. There is just no comparison. To be able to create something with that real genius. Let alone cover an entire chapel with such pieces. I could stare at the Sistine for hours and still never be able to absorb it all, not even close. I just don't believe my entire being could ever take in everything that is the Sistine.

I think in a lot of instances, art is exclusive. Either you are the person mindlessly snapping photos of displays that mean nothing to you, or you are that AP Art History kid who memorized all the context behind everything. With the Sistine though, everyone had their heads arched back to gaze at the ceiling.  No one could take their eyes away. And you could tell that, while in a room full of tourists from all over the world, the awe was universal. 

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