Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Spanish Volume

When visiting our other cities, Julie and I would ask our new friends/hosts what they thought about Spain, in order to prepare us for our upcoming semester. The first thing everyone says is that they love España. Which is always reassuring to hear, considering you've basically put your normal livelihood and academic career on hold to go live there.
The second thing we are always told, is that the Spaniards are loud.
Even during orientation, literally 40 minutes before we were going to put our lives in the hands of our new Spanish parents, our teachers warned us about "misunderstandings concerning Spanish parents yelling at you..."

Altogether, this was not looking like a very good situation. At this point I was expecting Spaniards to talk as if everyone around them was deaf or something.

Which is why it came as a little surprise when I didn't notice anything unordinary about the way my Spanish family talks. In fact, I really click with the way people talk here. The stories are theatrical, lively and much more entertaining to listen to. People talk with passion and enthusiasm, baring all emotions with their words. And needless to say, the futbol games are absolutely insane but in the best way. People should be allowed to shout and curse and scream when their players barely miss the goal, and not be regarded as psychopaths in need of treatment! I think deep down, I was always a little spaniard because I feel like I've always exuded this type of behavior.
Alas, I am finally with my kind of people.

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