Friday, January 18, 2013

Athens Demonstration

Tomorrow, Julie and I are attending a demonstration protesting the fascist party. 

Two nights ago, a Pakistani baker was murdered by a fascist member at 3 am outside his shop for "being an immigrant." He was stabbed and died instantly. 

A year ago, a policeman shot a boy in the head after he jeered at him. It was 9 pm in a public square and the boy was 15 years old. Riots soon followed. 

Greece has a website called "indy media Greece." It is essentially a forum dedicated to organizing protests and reporting events in more detail than the mass media. Anyone can post on the website; it reminds me of reddit but dedicated solely to occupying and protesting. 

Universities are regarded as "asylums of free thought." Policemen are not allowed to enter universities and arrest students for protesting or occupying classrooms. The same principle applies for any public building except for churches. But private buildings can immediately call policemen to intervene against protesters. 

I love the idea of universities as asylums of free thought. It sounds like a remanent of the FSM movement in Berkeley. 

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