Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friendship On Crack pt 2

Today is our last day in Paris, and it is also the last day of the Jennifer Julie Euro Adventure...FOR NOW. We already have plans for our St. Patty's day in Dublin, and are only 3 hours away from each other in Spain. She will definitely be visiting me, and I know I will take a bus to Granada at least once. Plus, we are both one hour from the closest beach in Spain. So that is going to be our central meeting point; how fitting for us San Diego girls!

Still though, it's a sad day. I can honestly say I have never gotten to know someone so intensely in such a short amount of time. In retrospect, there isn't that many people I know who could have been a more perfect travel companion. Being a good friend has certain criteria that many people fit for me, but being a good travel companion requires patience, flexibility, street savvy and most importantly, the right attitude. Check, check and check. Julie Brown is the perfect girl. But back off, she is already taken.

Ooooh Julie. Julie Julie Julie. Listen to me. Are you listening to me? Julie? Julie. Listen to me Julie. Julie.
You already know that I am obsessed with you. You know this because I tease you and am mean to you. It means I like you loads. I'm so glad that we went on this adventure together and shared so many unbelievable / embarrassing moments together. We could already write a book and produce a television show based on our adventures and stories. Except most people wouldn't get it because of all the inside jokes probably. Oh well, I bet Paul would watch it. Sigh. This is already super cheesy (can I get that with my wine? But no brie please), and I know I will be seeing you very soon, so I'll keep it Turkish-Tea-brief. You're going to have such an amazing time in Granada. You will be too busy making friends with all the cool kids and doing cool bad-ass things like toilet papering. Hopefully, you won't forget to message me once in awhile. Cannot wait to see you in Spain and when we travel to Morocco, Portugal, Dublin, etc. The possibilities are always endless.


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  1. Hope you will continue your blog...great reading for sure!

    Julie Brown's Cousin (see I am already cool)